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Lipinski Pro-Audio Mastering is a cosy recording studio in Wilczyce (located in close proximity to Wroclaw) renowned for producing unique things.

I work with the mechanics of sound, following the world’s highest standards of audio processing. Unlike what may sometimes happen outside the studio, I allow no compromise on any facet of sound quality. I provide one-off services, such as the mastering of digital audio files being delivered to me, and complex services – ranging from audio session transfers to complete CD/SACD images. While performing the digitization of my Client’s recordings, I can actually do this job outside the studio, at his/her place.
I offer expert level experience in handling analogue formats, i.e. reel-to-reel tapes, magnetic cassettes and vinyl records, all of which are gradually regaining their former popularity at present.

I have the know-how about all the technical details of preparing and producing the latter sound carrier; including the preparation of the matrix, the stage of galvanization and the record pressing process itself.

I know precisely what parameters should be set for sound files or any other carriers provided to be pressed. I am able to quickly and professionally coordinate the necessary details with a vinyl pressing plant as well as carrying out an accurate assessment of vinyl test pressings.  

So far, I have been trusted by the following record labels: Blanco Y Negro (Spain), ZYX Music (Germany), Flashback Records (Finland), Pokorny Music Solutions (Germany), Klub80 Records (Poland), Emerald & Doreen (Germany), Agencja Artystyczna MTJ (Poland), Space Sound Records (USA) and Coconut (Germany).

The list of the projects I have completed (CD’s, vinyl records, digital files, miscellaneous) is available at this link.

I personally guarantee full control over client-provided material.

My determined efforts to maintain uncompromising sound quality were rewarded with the 2010 prize from the editor of the High-Fi monthly magazine, Hi-End highfidelity.pl.

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