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Top Professional Audio Mastering Studio.
CD-Audio, SACD, DSD64-256, DXD, PCM48-384, Vinyl.
Digitization of R2R Audio Master Tapes and Vinyl Records.
Mastered for iTunes Certified Provider.
Lipinski Pro-Audio Mastering Studio with long years of experience in recording techniques offers the following services:

- Digital mastering for all digital audio formats available. For example PCM44.1-384kHz, DXD, DSD64-256 (DSD audio as native DSD or also as conversion result from other digital formats like DXD). Mastering to DAT tape.
- Full analogue mastering to analogue reel-to-reel tape ¼” or ½” (Studio Master 911 or PEM 468).
- Digital or analogue audio mastering dedicated to vinyl record pressing.
- Quality assessment of test vinyl record pressing.
- Mastered for iTunes Certified Provider.
- CD-Audio and SACD mastering along with preparation of disc image to be sent to pressing plant.

- Digitization of analogue master tapes (stereo ¼” or ½”, all speeds from 9,5 to 76ips, NAB/CCIR). All hub/reel types available (AEG ring, NAB, Trident). Also tapes recorded with Dolby A/SR processor being used.
- Digitization of vinyl records.
- Copying of R2R tapes (tape to tape).
- Preparation of analogue master tapes (including all test tones and track separators).
- Copying of DAT tapes.
- Digital sound restoration (from vinyl records and others).

Analogue section:

- Studer A816 ¼” tape reel-to-reel tape recorder.
- Telefunken Magnetophon M21 ¼” i ½” reel-to-reel tape recorder.
- Dolby Rack 363 processor (Dolby A or Dolby SR modules included).
- Pair of Kush Audio Tweaker analogue compressors.
- Mastering audio strip GEM Audio Labs (preamps + EQ + limiter).
- Digital Audio Tape – DAT tape recorder – SONY PCM-7040.
- Speakers – Active Monitors – APS Audio Pro Solutions – TRINITY.
- Acoustic Signature turntable + Benz Micro cartridge.
Digital Section:

- Networked audio interface Merging Hapi, including latest AD/DA cards released in January 2017, based on latest Analogue to Digital converters 32bit Premium ADC by AKM: AK5578EN Verita Series, Velvet Sound.
Software currently in use:
- Merging Pyramix Virtual Studio X Digital Audio Workstation and WaveLab Pro 9 Digital Audio Editor.
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